As the name suggests, we are all about spilling the secrets of the skincare industry and we’re not afraid to say it how it is. The skincare and lip care industry is flooded with cheap, imported products claiming to be ‘natural’ while being filled with nasty chemicals and ingredients.

We are a bit different, we only use the highest quality, natural ingredients - we’re all about keeping the nasties out of our products. We get that  sometimes skincare ingredients can be a bit scary, so we explain what everything is inside.

Based in South Australia and 100% Australian owned, our skincare range  is Australian made.

Educare School
Educare School

A little bit about me.

Hi there. I’m Maggie! In the middle of 2020 I gave up my job as a lawyer in Sydney, packed up my apartment and moved to a farm in the Adelaide Hills. In the midst of it all, I decided to start a natural skincare business.

I started this business because I was constantly coming across products that were jam packed with chemicals that I was unsure of. I couldn’t pronounce half of the ingredients and some of them were literally just numbers - surely that couldn’t be a good sign.

I became fed up and decided to launch LOOSELIPS - a fun brand that only uses the highest quality natural ingredients. I started off with the lip lifter and slowly expanded the LOOSELIPS range to include all the products I wanted but couldn't find in Australia.

LOOSELIPS is my 'side hustle' and I'm still learning all about running a small business. Over the past year it feels like I have gone back to school to educate myself on skincare and how to launch, manage and run a business properly. I'm running the show all by myself, so if you want to say hi or have a question about skincare, feel free to send me a message, you might be surprised to receive a response straight away. 

Love Maggie x

About our products.

All our skincare is made in Australia and are cruelty-free. Our skincare is clean and free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. We leave out any harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and perfumes. Let’s put it this way: you won’t find a never ending ingredient list on our products!

Educare School