Looselips lip lifter


15 ml

Our best selling lip lifter - Are you ready for larger than life lips?

Layer your lips in Australia's best selling natural lip lifter. This advanced natural formula works to plump, hydrate and lift lips. Filled with a blend of antioxidants, peptides and botanical oils that work together to nourish, inflate and lift dry lips.

LOOSELIPS is infused with oils, butters and waxes to protect lips against dehydration. Vitamin E and Coconut oil shields lips from free radical environmental aggressors and revives chapped lips.

How does it all work?

Our circulation-boosting ingredients cause blood to rush to the surface of your lips to achieve temporary fullness. Capsaicin delivers a tingle that causes lips to become fuller and juicy on application. Add in some powerful peptides that increase collagen production in the long run. The lip lifter can be applied multiple times a day for a continuous plump. Use on bare lips for some seriously juicy lips. Rub in formula to enhance the effects. 

The result? A pillowy pout of course…and some tingle too! This dream combo will provide you with instant effects and long-term benefits!


  • Made in Australia.

  • No ingesting nasty chemicals (take a look at our natural ingredients compared to all the other lip plumpers out there).
  • Instant and long term lip plumper - no fillers or injections needed.

  • Matrixyl synthe6 (also known as botox in a bottle) is a powerful polypeptide that helps reduce the appearance of feathering and lip lines by stimulating collagen production.
  • Enriched with Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Candelilla and Beeswax to lock in moisture. The high vitamin A levels in Shea Butter improve hydration and diminish the appearance of feathering and lip lines.
  • Jojoba Oil works to hydrate lips and create a protective barrier to lock in moisture, keeping your lips soft and supple.

  • Lip conditioning niacin causes lip plumping by increasing capillary flow of blood to the lips. 


Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Niacin, L-Arginine, Candelila Wax, MatrixylSynthe6, Lecithin, Menthol, Vitamin E Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Peppermint Oil, Capsaicin. 

Note: Apply only within perimeter of lips. You will experience a tingling sensation that can last up to 10 minutes. This can vary between people. If discomfort occurs, remove and discontinue use. Please read the ingredients list to ensure you do not have any allergies. Keep away from children.

We are the new kid on the block. As the name suggests, we are all about spilling the secrets of the skincare industry and we’re not afraid to say it how it is. The skincare and lip care industry is flooded with cheap, imported products claiming to be ‘natural’ while being filled with nasty ingredients. Based in South Australia and 100% Australian owned, all our skincare is made right here in Australia. 

We only use the highest quality ingredients - we’re all about keeping the nasties out of our products.

Our products are clean and free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Let’s put it this way: you won’t find a never ending ingredient list on our products!

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