Hi. We are Looselips. If you want big lips and glowing skin, you've come to the right place.

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Best natural skincare brands of 2023 as seen in Mum Central
Best natural skincare brands of 2023 as seen in Mum Central
Best natural skincare brands of 2023 as seen in Mum Central
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10 of the Best Skincare Products and Skincare Brands
"If you’re looking for something for yourself, specifically, your lips, then our top pick is looselips natural lip lifter. The advanced formula works to hydrate and lift lips to achieve a plump and full look, without any injections".

Australia's #1 Lip Plumper

A little bit about me

Hi. I’m Maggie!

In 2020, I embarked on a self-growth journey that led me to redefine my path and create something special. Taking a big step away from my corporate career as a lawyer in Sydney, I embraced a new life on a farm in the Adelaide Hills. This shift allowed me to not only connect with nature but also rekindled my passion for skincare and well-being.

My journey with LOOSELIPS was sparked by a frustration shared by many – the overwhelming number of skincare products loaded with obscure, unpronounceable ingredients. It bothered me that some of these ingredients had been banned in other countries, yet they found their way into products that we slather on our skin without a second thought. But, I also found that many natural skincare options were boring and didn’t do much.

Driven by this frustration, I set out to create something unique. LOOSELIPS emerged as a brand that values efficacy, and style. I dedicated countless hours to researching and understanding ingredients, ensuring that only effective ingredients were included in our skincare formulas.

Each LOOSELIPS product is a result of meticulous research, blending high-grade botanicals with science-backed ingredients. This fusion nourishes your skin and offers an experience that you'll enjoy.

Thank you for being a part of the LOOSELIPS story. The journey has been wild, and there's so much more to come. Join me on social media and be a part of the journey.

Love Maggie x


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